I have been a personal trainer and fitness coach some would say guru for about….. well since 1990.  I have probably trained well over 1000 people.  And I have seen people come and go.  I have trained people for 1 session and others I have trained over 1500 times.   I, of course, have come across thousands of excuses. I always know when an excuse is…. well…. um.  not completely truthful.   The excuses that frustrate me the most are time and injury.  All I ask is that people be honest with me and themselves. It the workouts are too hard and they rather sit in front of the TV and watch 7 hours of Netflix and wither away.  Then just be honest. Do not say its the time or my joints hurt.  Because I know it is, well I”ll say it, a lie!  I am Sorry, but it is true.  The truth is that you can do it and you know I can or anyone else can work around your injuries.  Your knees hurt that is BS.  there are paraplegics that workout they have to no knees at all or can not feel them.    I get it all the time.  I just want to try something else or am just too busy.  I will do it at home but they never do.   I see them a year later and well they are in worse shape than when they were working out with us, even one-day a week.  We have clients who work out with us just 50 to 60 times a year that have improved their health dramatically. We know this because when they go to the doctors they tell them how all of their numbers improved.  I get cancelation all of the time.  It frustrating because I know when they cancel they are basically saying that health is not their priority!   Let me just demonstrate a conversation that I have had a lot over the last several years.

client– I just got so busy at work.  I don’t think I have the time to come in anymore and need to cancel my membership

Me-  I understand you know I do not have a long commitment however we have 30-day notice that is in effect.  We do not want people to pay that is not coming.  We are not like planet fitness or renegade where 75% of there members do not use the facility.

Client –  Okay I understand I will be in touch and get back as soon as I can.

Me-  I’ll give you a month free when you decide to come back. (what I am thinking is “when you make your health your priority again)

Client-  All right.  thank you

Me- hope to see you soon!


Does this sound like someone that really understands the importance of staying in shape?


This is how I would like the conversation to go.

Client-  I just got so busy at work but I really don’t want to stop training. what can we work out?

Me-  I know we did 45min sessions would 30 minutes sessions help?

Client- I am not sure

Me-   I am talking 3 30 min sessions a week that is an hour and a half a week. There are 168 hours in a week surely you can spend 1 and a 1/2 hours on your health.

Client-  yes how early do you open?

Me 5:45

Client. I do like my sleep but I see the benefit.  can I leave at 6:15?

Me- sure if you are consistent you will get great results with 3 30 minute sessions a week.

Client-  Okay let’s keep this thing going.  I would hate to lose my progress

Staying in shape must be a priority!  When something gets in the way you must try to find a way to keep it up!

Personal story:

I have been working out since I was 16 years old.  I think my life has changed dramatically since then.  Don’t you?  I graduated high school, went to work, went to college got a masters degree, taught middle school started a personal training studio,  had 3 children…… Yes, my lifestyle change dramatically but despite it all, I have never taken off more than 2 weeks from training.  Why?? Because it is a priority! I let go 1000 excuses, not to workout and said screw it Im going to do something. Till this day, when I feel like crap and the last thing I want to do is work out. Do you know what I do? I work out! And guess what… I feel better after. So stop the excuses and be honest with your self. I do not have to explain the benefits of working out because this blog is already too long. But let’s face it. If you work out 2 times a week for one year you will change your life for the better. More energy lessen your risk of early death, stronger, more flexible. Oh yeah, I said I would not go over that!

Let’s try to find excuses as to why you can workout and not why you can not!
Just leave your old excuses in the trash bin!