1. Highly Recommended.

    success-stories_12Thank You David Mcilhenney Fitness Studio

    * Everyone needs a coach. David and Jake are my coaches. Thanks to David, I am fitter today than ever before. It is a journey and it begins with the first step. Take charge. Start a fitness program today. David has a real good regimen of exercises to build Endurance, Resistance, Flexibility, and Balance. Highly Recommended.

    Setu Vora, MD
  2. Began My Life Change!

    success-stories_10* I have been a client of David’s since 2004. At that time I was in my mid 60’s, very over weight and in poor physical condition. Working as a head nurse, my loss of energy and strength was a problem. I was motivated to make my physical condition better and so joined a gym. Left on my own, I could see not see the changes I was seeking. Then I met David and began my life change! He structured exercises to fit my needs, taught me to do them correctly and as I improved my ability to do more, my program changed with me. David saw me through two complete knee replacements, two extensive shoulder reconstructions, and successfully complemented the PT sessions I was receiving at the same time. My recovery times were much better and relatively pain free. I am now 73 and able to pursue any physical activity I choose. As I often tell David he keeps me strong and able to enjoy my retirement, and as a bonus, I lost a bit more than 80lbs

    Diana Danial
  3. Transformed My Body

    success-stories_07* I have had a standing date with Dave twice a week for 5 years and his wife knows all about it. Dave has changed my attitude about working out and has transformed my body into being healthier, stronger and has made me more efficient and confident about my running. I am a marathoner, and my workouts are modified according to when I am preparing to run for a marathon. I am always learning from David as he is current and very involved with what is best and safe for our bodies. More importantly it is not about machines. If you are looking for that you have found the wrong person. The session I have with Dave is focused on my workout and also good conversation. I look forward to keeping my body healthy and fit and part of that involves me being involved with Dave.

    Kathleen Mason