1. Cutting Edge

    * I have been training with David Mcilhenney for five years. He has helped me build muscle and become stronger. As a professional chef, my strength and endurance has enhanced my profession. David has extensive knowledge in his field. He continues to be on the cutting edge of physical training,nutrition, and understanding the body as a whole. One does not find aerobic equipment in Dave’s gym., instead innovative tools to maximize one’s speed, agility,strength and flexibility. The workouts are hard and intense, but at the same time not boring! Dave is a great motivator, continuously altering routines and tools!

    Christine Seitz
  2. A Huge Impact On My Life.

    * I have been living with bilateral hip dysplasia which has caused painful arthritis in both hips and my lower back. I was facing inevitable bilateral hip replacement in March and could not walk without a cane or even get off the floor. Before going for surgery I wanted to be as strong as I could in order to recover better. I did not expect that 3 months later I would be virtually pain free and walking without the use of a cane!! I have never felt better than I do now. David has had a huge impact on my life. His skill and knowledge has provided me with confidence I have not had in a very long time. Not only is he extremely awesome at what he does, he is also really fun to work out with…lots of laughs during those hard workouts Because of David, I no longer will be required to have hip replacement for a very long time!!! Thanks David!!

    Donna Gaska
  3. I Feel Stronger

    * My abilities, introduce me to a stretching regimen, and also start me on a strict eating plan. Not only was I supposed to record what I ate everyday, I was also supposed to email it to him every night. Just knowing Dave was going to be reading what I ate every day kept me on the straight and narrow. He would often respond with suggestions for tweaking my diet, so I wasn’t wondering if I was doing the right thing or if he was even reading it. I can say with 100% certainty I would not have been as well behaved if that were not the case. The workouts were also awesome. If I was having a bad day or feeling really sluggish, an hour with Dave would perk me right up. Our sessions never became tired because Dave was always changing things up. I sometimes have a lot of back pain, and Dave was always able to tailor my workouts to accomodate any pain I was experiencing. To date, I have lost 70 pounds. I haven’t reached my goal yet, but I feel stronger, healthier, and I have so much more energy now. If you are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle change and you want a trainer who is going to challenge and support you, then Dave is the best. He also makes pretty good protein shakes!

    Rachel Goldblatt
  4. Mentally Confident and Physically Stronger.

    * I have been working out with David Mcilhenney now for 8 months and immediately was impressed with the loss of 8% body fat. Within that time, I have seen drastic changes in both my mental and physical health. I feel more mentally confident and physically stronger. I have been playing softball for eight years, and never physically could get over an old motorcycle injury involving my collarbone and torn Labrame; but after working with David his individual exercises strengthened my weaknesses, despite the 6 months of physical therapy. David’s workout far surpassed that of the professional, physical therapist that is supported and covered through insurance. Now, I am able to throw a baseball pain and fatigue free. I have increased my ability to bench from 95 pounds to 190 pounds which tremendously boosted my confidence. David’s ability to adjust his workouts to meet the individual needs of his clients and vary the workouts providing for a differentiated instruction, truly shows his deep understanding of the body and its abilities. I strongly recommend David as a personal trainer and implore anyone trying to workout on their own to try David’s workout plan. Thanks David!!!

    Darryl Burchman
  5. Never Boring.

    * I have been working with David for 5 years. David continually changes up my routine so it is never boring. He keeps up with the latest techniques on training and nutrition as a result, I have lost body fat and gained muscle at the same time. I feel better and am more flexible since coming to see David

    Ed Cramer
  6. I Have Never Felt Better!

    * When I first started coming to Dave after a back injury, I was not sure I would be able to play tennis again. With Dave’s knowledge of body mechanics and his consistency and determination, I not only recovered fully and enjoy tennis again, but I have never felt better! I am so grateful to my friend who recommended Dave in the first place, however many years ago that was!!

    KC Whelen
  7. Healthy As An Ox.

    * I have never been a particularly strong man. As a kid, I weighed in, even at my 5’11” height, all of 138 pounds. In an effort to gain some strength, put on some muscle and live forever, I decided at age 37 to begin a work-out plan at my local Y. Despite my less than ideal self discipline – I trained entirely on my own – I managed to accomplish a reasonable degree of improvement in my strength, appearance and health. But, it gets better. Twenty years later, I was referred to a “great” personal trainer, David McIlhenney. Would he really be more effective than training on my own? Would it be worth the weekly investment? Here I am, seven years with Dave, now age 64, and divested of my size 41 suits and jackets which have been supplanted by my new “powerful” size 44’s! I’m lots of muscle, slim for an “old” man, able to bicycle 100+ miles a day, and best of all, healthy as an ox. I’d be happy to talk with anyone who might want to know more about Dave. Call me at 860-447-1122
    – I’m Harry. (Believe me, Dave didn’t pay me for this testimonial.)

    Harry Leiser
  8. I Leave Energized

    * I work in a stressful environment. In order to manage this stress, I need a work-out routine that is both physically and mentally challenging . David’s routine is just that. I am never bored as he constantly introduces new routines and equipment. David also provides helpful advice based on his years of training and expertise. I leave energized after each session!

    Elaine Solinga
  9. Amazing

    * It was all about fitting in the dress …. Amazing, following David’s weight loss program and fitness regime, I lost9 lbs in a month and a half but even more importantly, over an inch around my waist. Unbelievable, losing that much fat around the middle section! I followed his instructions and on a daily basis we communicated, providing me with the support needed, keeping me on track. My goal was to wear comfortably a dress I had purchased for a wedding that had been altered a bit too small … being the “stepmother of the groom,” I was determined to look my best and with David’s knowledge, challenge, guidance and support, my goal was met.J!

    Joan M. Sullivan
  10. I’m Grateful

    * Back from a session with David after I “skipped” him for 10 days – what does that mean? That no matter how much I work out on my own, I will always be stronger and more disciplined with David by my side. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to train with David and a group of colleagues for almost five years and no workout is ever the same. He not only ensures I’m moving with proper form and challenges me, but he motivates me in a way that only he can do with his expertise and great personality. He knows that I’m askier, a hiker, jogger, a mom, and a do-it-herself girl. He knows I am a vegetarian and reminds me to get my protein! He knows my injuries and weaknesses, and he knows when I want to look good in a dress, improve my shape for bathing suit time, or just fit into my pants! He is always filling our minds with exercise tips so we do well with him and when we are on our own. What I’m saying is David pays attention to his clients and designs workout sessions to help us be in shape and be healthy. Try him once and you’ll know the David-difference!

    Kristin E. Geshel