Mentally Confident and Physically Stronger.

* I have been working out with David Mcilhenney now for 8 months and immediately was impressed with the loss of 8% body fat. Within that time, I have seen drastic changes in both my mental and physical health. I feel more mentally confident and physically stronger. I have been playing softball for eight years, and never physically could get over an old motorcycle injury involving my collarbone and torn Labrame; but after working with David his individual exercises strengthened my weaknesses, despite the 6 months of physical therapy. David’s workout far surpassed that of the professional, physical therapist that is supported and covered through insurance. Now, I am able to throw a baseball pain and fatigue free. I have increased my ability to bench from 95 pounds to 190 pounds which tremendously boosted my confidence. David’s ability to adjust his workouts to meet the individual needs of his clients and vary the workouts providing for a differentiated instruction, truly shows his deep understanding of the body and its abilities. I strongly recommend David as a personal trainer and implore anyone trying to workout on their own to try David’s workout plan. Thanks David!!!

Darryl Burchman