I’m Grateful

* Back from a session with David after I “skipped” him for 10 days – what does that mean? That no matter how much I work out on my own, I will always be stronger and more disciplined with David by my side. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to train with David and a group of colleagues for almost five years and no workout is ever the same. He not only ensures I’m moving with proper form and challenges me, but he motivates me in a way that only he can do with his expertise and great personality. He knows that I’m askier, a hiker, jogger, a mom, and a do-it-herself girl. He knows I am a vegetarian and reminds me to get my protein! He knows my injuries and weaknesses, and he knows when I want to look good in a dress, improve my shape for bathing suit time, or just fit into my pants! He is always filling our minds with exercise tips so we do well with him and when we are on our own. What I’m saying is David pays attention to his clients and designs workout sessions to help us be in shape and be healthy. Try him once and you’ll know the David-difference!

Kristin E. Geshel