I Feel Stronger

* My abilities, introduce me to a stretching regimen, and also start me on a strict eating plan. Not only was I supposed to record what I ate everyday, I was also supposed to email it to him every night. Just knowing Dave was going to be reading what I ate every day kept me on the straight and narrow. He would often respond with suggestions for tweaking my diet, so I wasn’t wondering if I was doing the right thing or if he was even reading it. I can say with 100% certainty I would not have been as well behaved if that were not the case. The workouts were also awesome. If I was having a bad day or feeling really sluggish, an hour with Dave would perk me right up. Our sessions never became tired because Dave was always changing things up. I sometimes have a lot of back pain, and Dave was always able to tailor my workouts to accomodate any pain I was experiencing. To date, I have lost 70 pounds. I haven’t reached my goal yet, but I feel stronger, healthier, and I have so much more energy now. If you are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle change and you want a trainer who is going to challenge and support you, then Dave is the best. He also makes pretty good protein shakes!

Rachel Goldblatt