Healthy As An Ox.

* I have never been a particularly strong man. As a kid, I weighed in, even at my 5’11” height, all of 138 pounds. In an effort to gain some strength, put on some muscle and live forever, I decided at age 37 to begin a work-out plan at my local Y. Despite my less than ideal self discipline – I trained entirely on my own – I managed to accomplish a reasonable degree of improvement in my strength, appearance and health. But, it gets better. Twenty years later, I was referred to a “great” personal trainer, David McIlhenney. Would he really be more effective than training on my own? Would it be worth the weekly investment? Here I am, seven years with Dave, now age 64, and divested of my size 41 suits and jackets which have been supplanted by my new “powerful” size 44’s! I’m lots of muscle, slim for an “old” man, able to bicycle 100+ miles a day, and best of all, healthy as an ox. I’d be happy to talk with anyone who might want to know more about Dave. Call me at 860-447-1122
– I’m Harry. (Believe me, Dave didn’t pay me for this testimonial.)

Harry Leiser