A Huge Impact On My Life.

* I have been living with bilateral hip dysplasia which has caused painful arthritis in both hips and my lower back. I was facing inevitable bilateral hip replacement in March and could not walk without a cane or even get off the floor. Before going for surgery I wanted to be as strong as I could in order to recover better. I did not expect that 3 months later I would be virtually pain free and walking without the use of a cane!! I have never felt better than I do now. David has had a huge impact on my life. His skill and knowledge has provided me with confidence I have not had in a very long time. Not only is he extremely awesome at what he does, he is also really fun to work out with…lots of laughs during those hard workouts Because of David, I no longer will be required to have hip replacement for a very long time!!! Thanks David!!

Donna Gaska