1. Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

    Gaining the motivation to go to the gym, eating well, and working towards your fitness goals shouldn’t be a solo job. In the fitness world, it’s hard seeing people work out beside you who appear to have everything going for them. They can run on the treadmill for miles without breaking a sweat, they’re lifting the big weights, and there isn’t a shred of fat on their bodies, you can’t hel…Read More

  2. What to do About Your Metabolism as You Age

    You might learn about metabolism in science class in middle school, but you really don’t think about it until your 20s and don’t start worrying about it until your 30s or 40s. When you start noticing that the slice of pizza is showing up on your hips or the soda is sitting on your stomach, you might start thinking about avoiding the soda machine when eating out and eating just two slices inste…Read More

  3. It’s New Years! Time to go to the Gym?

    Happy new year! This is the time of year for New Year's resolutions. Most of which will revolve around getting in shape with a personal trainer. I believe most resolutions to lose weight and get stronger are only an excuse not to workout and eat what they want over the holidays. If you believe that you fall into this category embrace it, acknowledge it. It's okay most people do it. As a result, mo…Read More

  4. Best equipment for the Job

    If you are looking to get in shape increase muscle tone and get better mobility, what equipment is best?  Here is a short list of equipment and what it is best used for. Keep in mind that this is only a short list and does not cover everything. To learn more about any of the exercises listed, talk to a personal trainer in East Lyme at our studio. TRX Suspension trainer (Rows, assisted squats or l…Read More

  5. The Modification I’ve Needed to Make After 40

    As we all know Derek Jeter has just retired. Why? The answer is, he is getting old. At only 40 years old, his performance has declined to a level that forced his retirement. But what happens around the age of 40 that makes a great athlete retire? It happens for everyone and in every sport. As we age we just can’t do what we used to do. Whenever I try to do something in the gym that I used to be …Read More