heart-rate-1Sick and tired of walking or running the treadmill just to pile up the calorie burning?


Did you know that you can burn more calories, train functionally, and work all the muscles in your body in less time. Yes! That is what you can do at our studio with our unique workout programs. We track your heart rate and along with it, your calories burned during your session.  Results: you don’t get bored, you don’t get injured from repetitive stress and you actually strengthen your whole body. If you have been looking for the ideal workout program in East Lyme, come try out the unique programs we offer.

I had a client that just burned over 900 calories today! All the while working around his injuries.

How do we know how many calories you are burning in one of our sessions? We have implemented a heart rate monitoring system in the studio. It the only functional weight training heart monitoring workout program in the county.

Contact me to set up an appointment to check it out and to learn more about our workout programs.

You will hit your goals.

David McIlhenney NFPT (CPT)