So in January  I realized I had a pretty fun and roman like (eat anything in site) kind of a winter.  I wanted to lean out! Notice I did not say loose weight.  Since I have been always working out, I really couldn’t improve there.  Although I could do what I normally preach against  and go running Yuk.  No, I actually like running but I never felt like it leaned me out.  I just used it to boost my mood.   After a month of running and cutting back on the junk food, I didn’t see much results.   I went from 220 to 217 which was probably only fluctuation.  I actually felt a little weaker which meant I was loosing much cherished muscle.  So I decided to  make another change.  Finally, once and for all I knew Running would not and would never make me lean.  So I abandoned  it.  I then went on a one week cleans diet.  It did work I dropped a couple of pounds and lost 3/4 of an inch from my waist.  I do recommend it to kick start your diet.  But it isn’t something I could do long term.  That was when I set up my Lipo Melt LED program.  In one session I lost an inch around my mid section.  I was really motivated and started to lift a little heaver because I figured the LIPO Melt would take care of the fat.  And I wanted to put the muscle back on that I lost. I  did various other things, kept consistent and I dropped another 10 lbs but I got stronger and my extra layer of fat went away.

I did this all the while being married,  running a business,  and raising 3 kids.  I found that it is much harder than it used to be when I was younger.  But as you can see I figured it out.  I had a Higher standard for myself because I run my own fitness studio. I never wanted to be one of those guys that ran a weight loss and fitness studio and not look like something all of my clients would aspire to.  I can never give weight loss advice when there was a gut hanging over my paints.  Could I have done it without the lipomelt?  Probably, but I would have been a bear  because my diet would have had to be really tight.  It makes it very hard when you have kids. Because they are always requesting junk food.  And Yes I did indulge but i went for the small cone and stayed away from the pizza.  Well maybe just a bite.  I am not sure you knew this but I was a bodybuilder and did no carbs before it was cool.  I understand the weight gain rebound with that approach and I need carbs to fuel my workouts.   There were a few other guide lines that I will go over in the weeks to come or if you’d like you can contact me and I will be happy to let you know.  Ask anyone,  I wont shut up about it.

However, I do feel the Lipo melt LED program gave me the edge. Based on the fact that I am a busy 46 year old not a 21 year old student.   Lipo Melt is  just a piece of the puzzle but  an important one.   If you want to know more email me or fill out the link below.  Just so you know non of these pictures were doctored in any way.  Just a simple iphone.   No photo shop, professional camera or lense.

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