pumpkin-vomitWhat is an exercise virus?  An exercise virus starts when a person in a gym does an exercise that is unproductive, outdated, improperly performed or just plain dangerous.  The exercise is then observed by an uninformed exerciser and repeated.

Have you ever went into a gym and notice that a lot of people look very confused as to what exercises to do or how to do them? Many of these, well intended, gym goers tend to look around at other people and just copy what they are doing. The copied exercise may not be repeated at the time that they are witness but, on occasion, they are stored and performed at a later date. This can be even more problematic.  Now the gym goer will rely on memory to perform the movement the next time he or she goes to the gym. This person will then go to the gym and do this exercise without really know why and then guess what?  It will be picked up by, you guessed it, another exerciser.

This reminds me of the telephone game I played in school.  You remember, the one that a story will start with one person in the class then whispered to the next person and so on until the last person must repeat the what he/she thinks was said originally.  The last person’s interpretation of the story isn’t even close to the original.

When doing this, monkey see monkey do, approach is dangerous because a person will be doing an exercise improperly and without reason.  This could lead to wasting your time in the gym at best or injury at worse. This is not an effective form of a workout program. Here at our studio, we are passionate about helping you learn valuable exercises and how to perform them properly. Interested in a workout program in East Lyme? Come visit us!

So the next time you want to workout in the gym set up a program that is best for you and stick to it and ignore the other gym goers. If you see a person in the gym and you are interested in their workout ask the following questions:

What is the purpose of doing this exercise?

Where did you learn this exercise?

What are your goals that this exercise is helping you meet?

If the person seems knowledgeable and friendly, you can then ask him or her the correct way of doing the exercise.

Don’t start an exercise virus!!

David McIlhenney  MS