Do we get fitter in the Summer?

I always assumed that during the summer, we all get fitter.  It makes sense right?  We are outside more “running around”, more motivated to eat well because we are wearing less clothing.  Furthermore, the BIG holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years and Halloween, are far away. Less temptation?
That is what I used to think.  How about you?  I realize that my studio attendance drops off because of vacations and because my members are taking a break because they are “working out” out side in there gardens or at the beach. Since most of our members burn between 450 and 1000 calories in a 45 minute workout. I find it hard to believe they will be working as hard on there own.
So many people are really burning less calories and exercising less intense then when they come to the gym. So does activity levels really go up for most gym goers?
How about the diet side of the equation?  In the cooler month, there are the holidays to contend with but those are a mere handful even when you add in the  holiday parties.  But how many times will you go out to grill  burgers,  dogs, eat chips and go over friends houses to eat and have a good time?  You may end up eating more, don’t you think?
Next up vacations.  How many people really workout on a vacation.  Wouldn’t be much of a vacation would it?  I personal run on vacation because   I really like to check out the scenery. However, I think i am the exception to the rule.  Where I am not the exception to the rule is how I eat on vacation.   Its  the time to relax and do what you want.
So I guess what  I am saying is : at the end of the summer , for the majority of us,  we will be in worse shape then when it started,  The bathing suite that started out loose may be little tight by labor day.
You should have a good time during the summer but don’t eat poorly at every occasion.  If you are healthy, do some interval training at least 3 days a week.  studies show that you can fire up you metabolism in as little as  15minutes a day. If you can’t do that, do some lunges pushups, squats and hip lift and go for brisk walks when ever you can.   Also, Try to get in a 30 grams of protein in each meal.  Do not skip breakfast. And if you enjoy a drink or two, try to avoid the sugary sweet drinks.
But most of all have fun and be real with yourself.  Don’t kid yourself and say that you are burning more calories during the summer then you are.  Also, check the calorie count.  You may be consuming more calories at that bbq than you realize.  And drink plenty of water!

if for some reason you have the time to squeeze in a workout or two  We are now running our summer special! only $250 for unlimited sessions till September 15th.  Just email me back to grab your spot.  At the end of the summer,  you will pass a fit test to prove that your health improved!
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