1. You don’t want to workout just admit it. Don’t make up silly excuses!

    I have been a personal trainer and fitness coach some would say guru for about..... well since 1990.  I have probably trained well over 1000 people.  And I have seen people come and go.  I have trained people for 1 session and others I have trained over 1500 times.   I, of course, have come across thousands of excuses. I always know when an excuse is.... well.... um.  not completely truthf…Read More

  2. Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

    Gaining the motivation to go to the gym, eating well, and working towards your fitness goals shouldn’t be a solo job. In the fitness world, it’s hard seeing people work out beside you who appear to have everything going for them. They can run on the treadmill for miles without breaking a sweat, they’re lifting the big weights, and there isn’t a shred of fat on their bodies, you can’t hel…Read More

  3. Lifting weights vs Cardio on a low calorie diet

    How well does weight training preserve muscle? Pretty darn well! If it is done properly. I am not advocating a very low calorie diet (vlcd) However, I know it is being done and would you not want to get the greatest benefit from it? How do I know it works? Researchers at West Virginia University ran a study to see what would happen. Here are the details 20 people enrolled All were placed on a 800 …Read More

  4. My Transformation!

    So in January  I realized I had a pretty fun and roman like (eat anything in site) kind of a winter.  I wanted to lean out! Notice I did not say loose weight.  Since I have been always working out, I really couldn't improve there.  Although I could do what I normally preach against  and go running Yuk.  No, I actually like running but I never felt like it leaned me out.  I just used it to b…Read More

  5. Do we get fitter in the Summer?

    Do we get fitter in the Summer? I always assumed that during the summer, we all get fitter.  It makes sense right?  We are outside more "running around", more motivated to eat well because we are wearing less clothing.  Furthermore, the BIG holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years and Halloween, are far away. Less temptation? That is what I used to think.  How about you?  I …Read More

  6. What to do About Your Metabolism as You Age

    You might learn about metabolism in science class in middle school, but you really don’t think about it until your 20s and don’t start worrying about it until your 30s or 40s. When you start noticing that the slice of pizza is showing up on your hips or the soda is sitting on your stomach, you might start thinking about avoiding the soda machine when eating out and eating just two slices inste…Read More

  7. Announcing Summer Kid Fitness Program!

    I just got through a lifting session.  It’s generally what I do mid-day when the studio is quiet; slap on my earbuds, crank up the tunes, and go for it.  I’ve been doing this non-stop 30 years! So, what got me hooked? When I was about 16, my dad got me an old bodybuilding book and some sand filled weights.  Since I had the apartment to myself, I would lift as intensely as I could while Def …Read More

  8. It’s New Years! Time to go to the Gym?

    Happy new year! This is the time of year for New Year's resolutions. Most of which will revolve around getting in shape with a personal trainer. I believe most resolutions to lose weight and get stronger are only an excuse not to workout and eat what they want over the holidays. If you believe that you fall into this category embrace it, acknowledge it. It's okay most people do it. As a result, mo…Read More

  9. I love winter workouts But…..

    I love winter workout programs. You take a cold bitter day and start training. The next thing you know, you are sweating, your hearts pumping, and you feel just like its summer again. You can improve your mood and feel like the winter will not defeat you.  However, you must make some adjustments. Winter training adjustments Because the temperatures have dropped, your muscle may take a little mor…Read More

  10. Elliptical vs Walking

    Elliptical vs Walking To get a well-rounded workout program, strength training is vital. However, you may need to simply burn off some calories. There are many options but the two most popular are the elliptical and walking outside. Here is a little help in determining which might be best for you. Elliptical Pros There is a greater activator of buttocks and thighs. Less weight bearing than walkin…Read More