If you are looking to get in shape increase muscle tone and get better mobility, what equipment is best?  Here is a short list of equipment and what it is best used for. Keep in mind that this is only a short list and does not cover everything. To learn more about any of the exercises listed, talk to a personal trainer in East Lyme at our studio.

dreamstime_xxl_31175127TRX Suspension trainer (Rows, assisted squats or lunges plus mobility work)

Kettle Bells ( Rows and deadlifts of any kind.  Also, great for shoulder presses and swings) Kettle bells are then dumbbells when you have are performing a  pulling move.

Dumbbells  (goblet squats, chest presses and  hammer curls)

Bosu Ball (Squats for increased balance goals, pushups, planks,  Standing on for balance)

Stability Balls  ( Leg curls or hip lifts, and planks; I don’t use them anymore as a bench replacement, they can burst and that is not good)

Bands or Tubing (rehabbing injury, rotational work, burn out sets pushing and pulling, lateral movements)

Battle Ropes (Burn out to increase heart rate for intervals)

Barbells  (Bench presses)

Remember this is only a short list and does not include everything.

You want to use the equipment for your needs. The take-away here is use equipment that is best for the movement pattern you are trying to achieve. Don’t try to force it.  Many of these equipment companies will try to say that their equipment can do anything. They only promote this because the think they will sell more product if it looked at as a total body developer. Be aware and use your own judgment. If the movement feels uncomfortable or you are not ready for the movement, then don’t do it. Try something else. Use another a piece.  Use the list to help you out.

If you would like more information about personal training in East Lyme email me at dmfitness@me.com

David McIlhenney MS