Gaining the motivation to go to the gym, eating well, and working towards your fitness goals shouldn’t be a solo job. In the fitness world, it’s hard seeing people work out beside you who appear to have everything going for them. They can run on the treadmill for miles without breaking a sweat, they’re lifting the big weights, and there isn’t a shred of fat on their bodies, you can’t help but wonder how they are doing it. Well, they’re probably not doing it alone! Yes, it can be an additional cost to work with a personal trainer, but if you want to see results and have an accountability partner who will keep you moving, it’s worth every penny. If you’re considering working with a personal trainer in East Lyme, here are the benefits.

Set Realistic and Specific Goals

Having fitness goals is one thing, but having goals that are realistic, achievable, and specific to your needs is another. A personal trainer will help you narrow down your goals, whether that’s losing weight, feeling healthier, or training for an event, and you can work together towards finding the right methods to be successful.

Personal Trainer

Form Good Habits

Habits are hard to set in place and it’s even harder to break the bad habits. And it’s possible that you have bad habits that you’re not even aware of. With the specific training that a one-on-one relationship can offer, they will point out areas that need improvement, help you fight the urge to grab a bagel on the way to work and encourage you to create and stick to a workout schedule. These healthy habits that you learn over time can promote and lead to habits that last a lifetime.

Personalized Training Plan

If you have ever felt like you’re floundering when you go the gym, a personal trainer can solidify a training schedule that will help fulfil your needs and focus on areas that you need to achieve your goals. If you hate cardio but find enjoyment in swimming, if you can’t stand burpees but will tolerate squat jumps, your trainer will take these preferences into consideration and build a plan that works for you and still keeps you on track.

They Challenge You

Self-motivation is an amazing quality, but pushing yourself to work harder, longer, to do the exercises that you don’t like but you know they’re good for you is just plain hard. A trainer will look at what you are capable of now, what your goals are, and what it will take to achieve those goals, and they will be that driving force to make it happen. They know exactly what it will take, how many sessions are needed each week, and what diet plan will be most helpful. When staying motivated isn’t quite enough, when you need someone pushing you to complete that final rep of lunges, your trainer will be there.

Personal TrainerIt’s Educational

Knowing how to correctly exercise can be half the battle. When you feel like you’re floundering, hopping from one machine to the next, a personal trainer will be there to show you what works best and how to perform the movements correctly. Another benefit of having an educational partner in the gym is injury prevention. Using equipment might look self-explanatory, but just one wrong movement could cause weeks of pain.

Help Perfect Form

Along with showing you how to exercise and helping to prevent injury, a trainer will also help you nail down the correct form that will enhance the exercise. If you have ever taken a yoga class, you will know the importance of correct form, technique, and breathing patterns. When you’re performing lunges, it’s essential that you have the correct form in order to prevent injury, but also ensure that your body and muscles are getting the right resistance so you can see improvements.

Emotional Support

If you’re considering working with a personal trainer, they will be able to help you work out smarter, set goals, and build habits, but don’t overlook the benefits of the relationship at its basic level. Having someone who you work closely with weekly or biweekly can be an emotional support as well. The challenges of losing weight and becoming fit are often more than just struggling with going to the gym, but it can be an emotional conflict. Having a friend to talk things through with is almost invaluable.

To experience all of these benefits of working with a personal trainer and more, give David McIlhenney Fitness Studio a call today. We will be your workout partner, friend, and motivational support every time you come in.