I just got through a lifting session.  It’s generally what I do mid-day when the studio is quiet; slap on my earbuds, crank up the tunes, and go for it. 

I’ve been doing this non-stop 30 years!

So, what got me hooked? When I was about 16, my dad got me an old bodybuilding book and some sand filled weights.  Since I had the apartment to myself, I would lift as intensely as I could while Def Leppard played on my boombox, snacking on oranges between sets.    

It felt so good doing that final set of abs to “Billy’s Got a Gun” (great little known Def Leppard tune). Little did I know that I was creating a healthy addiction to the adrenaline rush.  I still need it to this day! Every time I worked out and performed one more rep or lifted five more pounds, I felt victorious.

So, why was a 16 year old kid lifting instead of doing sports?  Well, I had tried wrestling and was killing it, until I suffered a neck injury and had to drop out.  Previously I had played baseball, but unfortunately didn’t get very far.  It wasn’t because I lacked ability, I just wasn’t part of the cliques or a coach favorite.  I think some of you can relate to this.

However, I missed the camaraderie of being on a sports team.  About six months after I started lifting, I joined a gym.  One day I was in there benching and this very muscular guy came over and stacked an extra 50 pounds on my bar and told me “Do it five times.”  

I didn’t think I could lift that bar once, let alone five times.  But he agreed to spot me and I gave it a go.  I did it eight times!  After I racked the bar, he gave me the biggest high five ever! 

I want to share with kids the all the things that made me love training and why I kept up with it for decades afterwards; the sense of accomplishment, the pride I got when I beat my own personal best, and the support I got from my gym buddies.

Right now, I’m looking for kids 11 years old and up for a class starting this June.  Ideally, the class would be 2-3/week starting between 11am and 1pm.  If you’re interested, let me know you’re availability.  We want to work around your schedules and needs! The class would be designed to be educational, fun, and perhaps even spark some enthusiasm for fitness!

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